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Antelope Island & The Great Salt Lake

This series of photos is a few months old, taken early February.

It was a warmer winter day, comparatively to the rest of the days during this winter in Utah; I'm sure, had it not been, the island would have been under a blanket of snow.

Between the overcast day and the effects the cold had on the landscape, I can only describe this place as completely surreal. Atop the highest points, you could see storms shadowing parts of the island, and the stillness of the Great Salt Lake was calming, yet the vastness of it made the experience intense.

The bison on the island, while beautiful, are notoriously aggressive; the second to last photo was the closest we dared to get to them. Shortly after that point, they began to stare us down and I knew at that point that this was their home and not ours. They deserved their space more than I deserved any more detailed photographs, and being mauled by one of them wasn't the most ideal way I wanted to depart from this life.

I definitely am looking to visit here again during the summer, and when snow has the island blanketed next winter.

Until then, I'll be dreaming of this place.

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